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The CommUnity Days is a ground-breaking event, bringing together the brightest minds in the sustainable energy industry to network and exchange ideas for global impact. At the CommUnity, we know the energy transition is not simple, but we strive to make it that little bit easier by connecting organisations with the brightest talent.


Meaningful Connections




Career Growth



Bo Normark

Thematic Leader Smartgrid and Storage - European Battery Alliance

He works for InnoEnergy and leads the initiative European battery alliance.

Jordi Cusido

CEO and Co-Founder - Smartive

Smartive develops intelligent platforms to improve the operation and efficiency of the energy market.

Taavi Madiberk

CEO and Co-Founder - Skeleton Technologies

He believes in the combination of batteries and Supercapacitors to disrupt the battery design.

Donald Müller-Judex

CEO - Solmove GmbH

Founder and CEO of Solmove which wants to reinvent our roads


I think human connection is going to be the thing that drives sustainable development and I think if we are going to have a sustainable world we need to have better parties than the unsustainable world. People are engaged and interested and that’s what we need!

Richard Davies ( Business Coach & Mentor )

"As a result of having a keynote speech at the CommUnity Days event, I met a start-up and began working with them. CommUnity members co-created a roadmap to create more energy efficent factories that we still use in our work today."

Tom Huizer ( Business developer at Heat Power )

"The key takeaway for this event would be getting inspiration. The more people that we meet here the more we are inspired. The CommUnity is filled with a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of researchers, a lot of engineers who are there thriving and supporting each other."

Jeevan Dasan ( Co-Founder, Smartivate )

"It’s the biggest opportunity you have to connect with like-minded people and see old friends and to make new friends. You have the opportunity to reach companies."

Laura Broleri ( Junior Sustainability Specialist, Davines )

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Friday Innovation Ecosystem Tour + Comedy night

  • Innovation Ecosystem tour
  • Stammtisch dinner
  • Needs to be purchased in addition to regular entry ticket
  • Talk by a Keynote Speaker
  • Fun comedy night

CORE ticket

€149 - €199
  • With accommodation - €199
  • Without accommodation - €149
  • Activities on Saturday(26/10) and Sunday(27/10)
  • Choose with OR without accommodation
  • For Core members only

Group Ticket

€99 - €149
  • Minimum buyout of 4 tickets
  • With accommodation - €149
  • Without accommodation - €99
  • Activities on Saturday(26/10) and Sunday(27/10)
  • For Core members only

Affiliate ticket

€199 - €249
  • With accommodation - €249
  • Without accommodation - €199
  • Activities on Saturday(26/10) and Sunday(27/10)
  • Choose with OR with accommodation

The CommUnity by InnoEnergy strives only for financial sustainability and not for profit. Therefore, the highest ticket price is matched with the on-site expenses, incl. accommodation, catering, and venue. We also offer discounts for our leaders and graduates.

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We will announce the date and time when the tickets will go on sale. Until then, we recommend you to register to receive the link directly to your email.


You are a CORE member if you are,

  • An entrepreneur supported by InnoEnergy
  • An InnoEnergy partner and shareholder
  • An InnoEnergy PhD candidate
  • An InnoEnergy Master School alumn or a current student
  • A current or former employee of InnoEnergy

You are an Affiliate member if you are,

  • A member without a direct connection to any of the InnoEnergy services, but interested in sustainable energy, innovation, or entrepreneurship and advancing the energy transition.


The table below shows the actual costs involved.

Hotel Costs [EUR]€86.90Shared double/ twin room, incl breakfast
Catering Cost€135.55

Saturday, incl unlimited soft/water/fruits, 2 coffee breaks, lunch, dinner incl unlimited softs/beer/wine for 2h

Sunday, incl. unlimited soft/water/fruits, 1 coffee break, lunch

Venue Cost€23.93

Friday, one meeting room for 230 people

Saturday, three meeting rooms for 230, 110 and 90 people

Sunday, one meeting room for 230 people


The ticket does not take into account the invaluable time spent by CommUnity Leaders and the CommUnity Office to organise this event.

We expect to close partnerships throughout the organization of the event, and therefore offer discounts like Early Bird sales and Group ticket discounts for planning security. There is also a discount for CommUnity Leaders to reward them for their contribution to building our CommUnity and a discount for recent graduates from the InnoEnergy Master’s School to support them in their professional development from the early stage.


The CommUnity Days is for energy professionals passionate about sustainability and innovation and want to accelerate the energy transition.


The CommUnity Days 2019 is an annual event that brings together CXO's, young professionals, industries and start-ups all under one roof that want to work together for a sustainable future.

If you are interested in this field, this is an event you just cannot miss!!

For any further queries, write to us at community@innoenergy.com and we will be happy to assist you!



Zehlendorfer Damm 190, 14532 Kleinmachnow

Get to the venue


from Berlin Hbf- 50+ min
from Potsdam bf - 40+ min


The closest bus stop is Kleinmachnow, Am Weinberg


From the bus station above, walk across the canal and take the first right. Keep walking and you should see the venue!


NH Berlin Potsdam Conference Center

In a tree-filled area besides a canal, this relaxed hotel is 9 km from the beach at Lake Strandbad Wann, 10 km from the Botanical Garden and Museum and 13 km from hiking in Grunewald Forest.

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