The CommUnity Days

Date: 25-27 October 2019
Location: Berlin, Germany

The CommUnity Days is a ground-breaking, annual event, bringing together the brightest minds in the sustainable energy industry to network and exchange ideas for global impact. At the CommUnity, we know the energy transition is not simple, but we strive to make it that little bit easier by connecting organisations with the brightest talent.

Talent and
Sustainable Energy

The CommUnity Days acts as a bridge between a diverse, innovative talent pool and the sustainable energy sector. We facilitate the connections. Whether you are seeking high-quality talent to grow your business, or a job opportunity to excel your career, the CommUnity Days has you covered.

You will gain the latest market insights and cutting-edge ideas, take part in co-creating solutions to real company challenges and enjoy a distinguished speaker series boasting some of the most eminent names in the industry thinking ahead of the curve, all while connecting with like-minded individuals and growing your personal and professional network.


By bringing together so many different thinkers, practitioners, activists, community leaders and policymakers from an ever-evolving spectrum of disciplines, New Partners has guided a strong and diverse movement grounded in the values of sustainable communities for over a decade.

The origins of this conference can be traced to late 1995 when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency first launched its Smart Growth Program. As part of this effort, the EPA sought to organize a national conference that would focus on environmentally sensitive growth and development.

In 2001, the LGC partnered with the Centers for Disease Control, the California Department of Transportation and Penn State University to produce a “first of its kind” national, multidisciplinary event titled “Redesigning Community: A Smart Growth Approach to Street and Neighborhood Design, Crime Prevention, and Public Health and Safety” in San Diego.

Over the past decade, the basic principles of smart growth have not changed, but the realization of their importance continues to grow as more civic leaders, professionals, and interest groups recognize smart growth as a solution to the challenges in their communities. Thanks to a trail blazed by determined and visionary pioneers, smart growth is now widely and rightfully understood as a necessary, if not sufficient, way of addressing many of the most difficult economic, environmental, and social challenges we face today in communities across the country.