Photo Competition

Sustainability and innovation is all around us, but we often don’t take the time to stop and appreciate it. So, for this part of the competition, we want to know where you see energy sustainability being implemented in your immediate environment. It can be an idea, a concept or an inspiration. Simply capture it by taking a photo and explain how it makes your world more sustainable!



“Show us your sustainable world”

Evaluation criteria

Photo entries will be judged based on how creative they are, their quality, originality, how well they relate to the themes, as well as overall impact.

How to submit? 

Step 1: Click an awesome picture
Step 2: Write a 100 word description for the picture
Step 3: Upload it on the CommUnity Platform (
Step 4: E-mail the picture and the description to


1st Prize - €500
2nd Prize - €250


  1. Your photo must include a 100-word description for each picture
  2. You are only allowed to submit a maximum of 3 entries
  3. All finalists are required to submit their original (unedited) files to prove the legitimacy of the photograph

For detailed rules, click here.


Essay Competition

At the CommUnity, we strongly believe that knowledge exchange is imperative for innovation and human advancement. Your opinions matter, and we want to hear them. Whether you are an expert in your chosen topic, or simply have an interest and want to share your perspective, we encourage you to take part! Each topic will be awarded with a first and second prize, which will be presented at The CommUnity Days 2019.


The topics for 2019 are...

Energy Transition

Energy Transition: The future of energy in the EU and its competitiveness with the world

The urgent necessity of acting as quickly as possible to avoid tipping points demands not just the switch of technologies but a reformation of our economy and our business models. It opens a great window of opportunity for the EU’s industry. By anchoring the energy transition as a clear European political project, we can kill two birds with one stone. Address the imperative duty of tackling climate crisis while reinvigorating the EU's leadership in building the society of the future. How can this be achieved? Which role will Brussels play in the path to a sustainable energy world? Will the EU still be able to compete with the rest of the world? What lies ahead for the future of this continent?

Energy Mobility

Energy Mobility: How will reinventing mobility affect the energy transition?

The mobility transition has taken momentum with new players such as TESLA showing that the electric mobility is compelling, and many traditional players are following suit. Beyond the fuel origin, mobility as a service with shared and autonomous vehicles opens new possibilities. How will it impact the energy sector? What will our transport network look like? How would this impact our way of living?

Energy in Africa

Energy in Africa: Harnessing the power of sustainable energy solutions.

The population of Africa is projected to quadruple in the next 90 years. Having a need for development, the type of energy chosen will be crucial for its growth. What lies ahead for some of the fastest-growing economic regions on our planet? What technologies and business models are needed to empower its population? How does the varied geography play a role? Are we going to see the same phenomenon as seen with the advent of the internet?

Evaluation criteria

Essays will be judged on the overall organisation and structure, how you develop your ideas, ease of reading, and the quality of your introduction/abstract. Please note that sources are required. We recommend that the thesis statement of the essay is clear, even if you are sharing personal experiences or professional work.

How to submit? 

Step 1 : Select one of the topics below and write an essay (no more than 1200 words)
Step 2 : Send your entries to
Step 3 (optional) : Pick another topic and repeat the steps above.

Prizes: (for each topic)

1st prize: €500
2nd prize: €250


  1. Essays must be no more than 1200 words, excluding references and titles.
  2. Maximum of 3 entries are allowed per person (1 entry per topic)
  3. Essays must be self-written content. Any plagiarism will lead to automatic expulsion from the competition

For detailed rules, click here

The winners under each category will also receive a €100 discount on their TCD entry tickets.

Deadline for submission: 4 October 2019



Can I enter more than one competition?

Yes, you can enter both the photo and essay competitions.

How many entries can I submit?

Photo competition - Maximum of 3 entries per person

Essay competition - Maximum of 1 essay per topic i.e. 3 essays together.

When will the prizes be presented?

The winners will receive their prizes at the CommUnity Days 2019, taking place from 25-27 October in Berlin. The CommUnity is offering 100 EUR discounts to attend The CommUnity Days 2019 for all winners. We strongly encourage all winners to attend the event in Berlin to receive their well deserved recognition.