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The CommUnity Days acts as a bridge between a diverse, innovative talent pool and the sustainable energy sector. We facilitate the connections. Whether you are seeking high-quality talent to grow your business, or a job opportunity to excel your career, the CommUnity Days has you covered.

You will gain the latest market insights and cutting-edge ideas, take part in co-creating solutions to real company challenges and enjoy a distinguished speaker series boasting some of the most eminent names in the industry thinking ahead of the curve, all while connecting with like-minded individuals and growing your personal and professional network.

We will be asking defining questions, such as ‘How will new technologies like AI need to be regulated?` ’Is there a limit to innovation?’ and ‘How is energy affecting the Sustainable Development Goals?’, topics which will undoubtedly shape our energy future.

If you want to join the discussion and play a role in advancing the energy transition, join us from 25-27 October 2019 in Berlin and prepare to be inspired.


What are the
themes for 2019?

Energy policy2_Blue

Energy Policy

Policy affects everything. We will be discussing the implementation stage of the Clean Energy for All Europeans package from various perspectives, as well as asking defining questions such as ‘How will new technologies like AI need to be regulated?’ and ‘How can energy communities be regulated?’
Energy Innovation2

Energy Innovation

We will be going back in history to when the first electric automobiles were invented, and exploring fundamental questions such as ‘Is there is a limit to innovation?’ and ‘Is there such thing as good or bad innovation?’. We will also discuss innovation principles, including Elon Musk’s First Principles Thinking, and reviewing the newest tech trends in mobility, batteries and AI.  
Energy sustainaibility2

Energy Sustainability

It is crucial that the energy transition is fair and protects the environment. We will look beyond greenhouse gas emissions into all planetary boundaries. How is energy affecting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? What will an energy system look like if 10 billion people sustain a lifestyle requiring high energy consumption?